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Barcode symbologies

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP

The value of the Symbology key in the barcode configuration dictionary should be one of the names in the list below.

For some symbologies the result may be controlled using the Option1 and/or Option2 entries as well.

/code11 Code 11

/c25matrix Standard Code 2 of 5

/c25inter Interleaved 2 of 5

/c25iata Code 2 of 5 IATA

/c25logic Code 2 of 5 Data Logic

/c25ind Code 2 of 5 Industrial

/code39 Code 3 of 9 (Code 39)

  • Set Option2 to 1 to add a modulo-43 check digit

/excode39 Extended Code 3 of 9 (Code 39+)

  • Set Option2 to 1 to add a modulo-43 check digit

/eanx EAN

/eanx_chk EAN + Check Digit

/ean128 GS1-128 (UCC.EAN-128)

/codabar Codabar

/code128 Code 128 (automatic subset switching)

/dpleit Deutsche Post Leitcode

/dpident Deutsche Post Identcode

/code16k Code 16K

/code49 Code 49

/code93 Code 93

/flat Flattermarken

/rss14 GS1 DataBar-14

/rss_ltd GS1 DataBar Limited

/rss_exp GS1 DataBar Extended

/telepen Telepen Alpha

/upca UPC A

/upca_chk UPC A + Check Digit

/upce UPC E

/upce_chk UPC E + Check Digit

/postnet PostNet

/msi_plessey MSI Plessey

  • Use Option2 to specify check digits:






Modulo-10 & Modulo-10




Modulo-11 & Modulo-10

Table B.216

/fim FIM

/logmars LOGMARS

/pharma Pharmacode One-Track

/pzn PZN

/pharma_two Pharmacode Two-Track

/pdf417 PDF417

  • The amount of check digit information can be set with Option1: the number of codewords used for check info = 2**(Option1+1)
  • Symbol width can be specified as the value of Option2 (integer between 1 and 30)

/pdf417trunc PDF417 Truncated

  • Same options as PDF417

/qrcode QR Code

  • The error correction level may be set with Option1:The size of the symbol may be set with Option2:

/code128b Code 128 (Subset B)

/auspost Australia Post Standard Customer

/ausreply Australia Post Reply Paid

/ausroute Australia Post Routing

/ausredirect Australia Post Redirection

/isbnx ISBN (EAN-13 with verification stage)

/rm4scc Royal Mail 4 State (RM4SCC)

/datamatrix Data Matrix ECC200

  • The size of the symbol can be set with Option2:

                     To force the symbol to be square, set Option3 to 100

  • The datamatrix rectangular extension (DMRE) may be generated
  • If Option3 is set to 101 then these sizes may also be selected automatically

/ean14 EAN-14/codablockf Codablock-F

/nve18 NVE-18

/japanpost Japanese Postal Code

/koreapost Korea Post/planet PLANET

/micropdf417 MicroPDF417

  • Symbol width can be specified as the value of Option2 (integer between 1 and 4)

/onecode USPS OneCode

/plessey Plessey Code

/telepen_num Telepen Numeric

/itf14 ITF-14

/kix Dutch Post KIX Code

/aztec Aztec Code

  • The amount of error correction data can be overridden using Option1. This will be ignored if Option2 is set.
  • The size of the symbol may be set with Option2. (Sizes with asterisks are "compact" symbols, with a smaller finder pattern.)

/daft DAFT Code

/microqr Micro QR Code

  • Use Option1 for error correct, as per QRCode
  • Use Option2 to request a size (although this may be overridden by the code if required for the input data)

/hibc_128 HIBC Code 128

/hibc_39 HIBC Code 39

/hibc_dm HIBC Data Matrix ECC200

/hibc_qr HIBC QR Code

/hibc_pdf HIBC PDF417

/hibc_micpdf HIBC MicroPDF417

/hibc_aztec HIBC Aztec Code

/hanxin Han Xin (Chinese Sensible) Code

  • The size of the symbol can be specified using Option2:The error correction level can be set using Option1 (ignored if Option2 is also set):

/azrune Aztec Runes

/code32 Code 32

/channel Channel Code

  • The default channel count is set from the length of the input data, but can be overridden by setting it as the value of Option2:/codeone Code One
  • The symbol size may be set with Option2.
  • Version S symbols can only encode numeric data. The width of version S and version T symbols is determined by the length of the input data./gridmatrix Grid Matrix
  • The size of the grid may be set with Option2.
  • The error correct capacity can be set using Option1.
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