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clrip hotfolder support

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP

The clrip skin application has support for the hotfolder using the -H option (new in Harlequin Core 12.0r0). A configuration must be specified on the command line before the hotfolder; this configuration will be used for jobs dropped into the hotfolder:

clrip -c Monochrome72dpi -f output/%J-%p.%o -C -H hotfolder

Wait for jobs in the directory hotfolder , relative to the current directory, and rasterize them using the Monochrome72dpi configuration.

clrip -c CMYKComposite300dpi -f output/%J-%p.%o -C -H C:\inputs\hotfolder

Wait for jobs in the absolute path directory C:\inputs\hotfolder , rasterize them using the CMYKComposite300dpi configuration.

Jobs copied into the hotfolder will be RIPped with the configuration specified. Jobs are deleted from the hotfolder after RIPping, even in the case of an error in the job.

Jobs discovered in the hotfolder on startup will be RIPped. There is no proscribed order for RIPping multiple jobs that are discovered in a hotfolder, or copied or moved into a hotfolder at the same time. The hotfolder waits for jobs that are copied or moved in to stabilize before RIPping. The parameters used for stabilizing hotfolder files are only changeable by modifying the SDK source code.

Note that the output must be redirected to a different location (using -f ) when using hotfolders. clrip 's default output location is to put rasterized page files beside the input file. When reading from a hotfolder, this would write the output files back into the hotfolder, and clrip would then see them as new files to be processed, resulting in an endless loop. An error will be issued and the RIP will quit if a hotfolder is used without changing the output location or output target. clrip does not check whether the new output target or output location is safe, nor whether it is even required for the configuration. This error is intended to catch the most likely inadvertent problem with configuring hotfolders, not to prevent against malicious configuration.

It is highly recommended that the -C option is used when running with hotfolders, to prevent jobs with errors in them from causing the persistent RIP to quit. A warning will be issued if this option is not used.

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