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Configuration location

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP

Harlequin Core configurations for the clrip skin have traditionally been found in the SW/TestConfig directory. From Harlequin 12.0 configurations are now discovered by default using the %configps% device. This device is normally mounted as %os%TestConfig/ , a sub-directory of the %os% device, corresponding to the SW/TestConfig location, so no difference in behavior will be observed by default.

Configurations can now also be accessed from other locations in the filesystem. The clrip -c option can be used to set configurations as follows:

clrip -c CMYKComposite300dpi job.pdf

Find the configuration in %configps%CMYKComposite300dpi , normally located in SW/TestConfig/CMYKComposite300dpi . This is the same as the default behavior in Harlequin Core 11 and before.

clrip -c C:\Users\me\myconfig job.pdf

Use a configuration from a specific file path. The file path will be automatically mounted on a filesystem device. UNC paths of the form \\machine\share\myconfig are also supported on Windows.

clrip -c "%C%Users/me/myconfig" job.pdf

Use a configuration from a specified PostScript name. This form can use any PostScript device name that can be used to read a file, including absolute devices.

If you wish to change the way configurations are handled, you may mount a different device as %configps% . This device must support filename iteration, and opening and reading files. Mounting a different device as %configps% allows configurations to be put in a different location in the filesystem, transformed dynamically from another form, dynamically generated, and/or dynamically filtered according to other hardware-specific criteria.

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