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This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core


Parameter: devGetColorantsParam * GetColorantsParam

When colorType is colorType_general , each call to D_GET_RASTER_FORMAT is followed with a call to D_GET_COLORANTS to supply details of the colorants supported by the device type. These selectors are separate so that the RIP can allocate memory for the arbitrary number of colorants as indicated in numFixedColorants and numAliases in the rasterFormat .

The selector takes the following structure as its parameter.

      typedef struct devGetColorantsParam { int32 index;
      int32 numFixedColorants; int32 numAliases;
      ColorantInfo ** ppFixedColorants; /* pointer array of */
    /* numFixedColorants pointers to ColorantInfo */
    } devGetColorantsParam ;

The fields in this structure have the following meanings.


index Rw

Type: int32

The same index as was supplied to the corresponding D_GET_RASTER_FORMAT call.


numFixedColorants Rw

Type: int32

The number of colorants being requested (as was specified by the RasterFormat structure).


numAliases Rw

Type: int32

The number of aliases being requested (as was specified by the RasterFormat structure).


This is a pointer to an array of pointers to ColorantInfo structures (rather than an embedded array of ColorantInfo structures) so that the ColorantInfo structure can be extended in the future without breaking older plugins. Each ColorantInfo structure should be filled in by the plugin. The ColorantInfo structure describes this structure.

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