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D_LIB_SELECT (event based plugins - shutdown)

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core


Parameter: GenericShutdownParam * param

Call type: Single call

A call to PluginLibShutdown would normally be made during D_GEN_SHUTDOWN .

The RIP calls D_LIB_SELECT to perform tasks related to the plugin support library. When it does so, the plugin should call the plugin library function PluginLibSelect , and return to the RIP whatever value that function returns. D_LIB_SELECT need only be supported if the plugin is using the plugin support library. The RIP will only ever call D_LIB_SELECT if the plugin has already initialized the plugin library with a call to its function GenericPluginLibInitialise , during its own initialization. Note that event-based plugins perform this differently to input and output plugins:

    int32 version = PLUGIN_CONTEXT_VER;
    pPlugLibGlobals = GenericPluginLibInitialise( pPluginContext, &version );

The plugin should pass the parameter to the D_LIB_SELECT call directly to PluginLibSelect , along with the pPlugLibGlobals value obtained from the GenericPluginLibInitialise call it made earlier. The plugin should not use this value directly, and so its fields are not described here.

A call to PluginLibShutdown would normally be made during D_GEN_SHUTDOWN , so no text messages can be passed back to the RIP during shutdown.

Note: Unlike input and output plugins, D_LIB_SELECT is only called during startup and shutdown when the plugin type is PT_EVENTBASED . In order to pass text back from a halftone module to the RIP Monitor from its exported API functions, the plugin must support SW_HTM_API_VERSION_20100414 or later, and make use of the sw_message_fn function pointer when it is made available in the sw_htm_instance structure.


The version field should be ignored.

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