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This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core


Parameter: devWaitOnCloseParam * wait

This selector allows the plugin to obtain more processing time after the page has been closed. For example, this might be required when the page is terminated prematurely because of an error, and the plugin needs time to eject wasted media.

If the selector is supported, the RIP calls it repeatedly, until the plugin sets the w_wait field to zero. As with all selectors, the plugin should not block during the call, but instead initiate whatever task it needs to and set w_wait to a non‐zero value. It should continue to set w_wait like this in the subsequent D_WAIT_ON_CLOSE calls until the task is complete.

      typedef struct devWaitOnCloseParam { int32 version;
      int32 size; int32 w_abort; int32 w_wait;
    } devWaitOnCloseParam;


The plugin should ignore this field. It is obsolete. Instead, perform version checking with the

CHECK_VERSION macro in the D_GET_IDENTITY call, and use that result throughout.


Set by the RIP to the size in bytes of the devWaitOnCloseParam structure. If this is less than sizeof (devWaitOnCloseParam), the RIP is older than the version of the plugin kit, and care must be taken not to write data to fields which were not implemented in the older version, since that memory will not be part of this structure.


If non‐zero, output was halted prematurely. This is exactly the same flag as passed to the D_CLOSE selector in the c_abort field. Note that in the event of a further error, the value of this flag may change between successive invocations of the selector.


Set by the RIP to zero before each call. If the plugin sets w_wait to a non‐zero value, the RIP calls

D_WAIT_ON_CLOSE again; otherwise, it continues normally.

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