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This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core


Parameter: devWhichRasterFormatParam * rasterparam

This selector is nearly obsolete.

It is not required when there is only one raster format, or if the rasterFormat sets colorType_general as recommended. In other cases, it is called, and the GUI offers only the styles which are compatible with that raster format.

The RIP calls D_WHICH_RASTER_FORMAT whenever a device is configured in the Configure Device menu. The selector should return the raster color format that will be used if the plugin parameters provided are acted upon.

This disallows inappropriate options in the page setup dialog. For example: the screening controls will be disabled if the screensRequired field of rasterFormat is screensRequired_none .

The raster format returned must be among those returned by the calls to D_GET_RASTER_FORMAT for the specified device.

The parameter passed with the selector is described below.

    typedef struct devWhichRasterFormatParam {
      void *pStioData;
      int32 version;
      int32 size;
      rasterFormat format;


The RIP sets pStioData to point to a set of plugin parameters (see Input and output plugin parameters and plugin dialogs ) which may be used later to look at the raster format used by the plugin. The plugin can use one or more of the parameters to control the color format of the raster.


The plugin should ignore this field. It is obsolete. Instead, perform version checking with the

CHECK_VERSION macro in the D_GET_IDENTITY call, and use that result throughout.


The RIP sets size to the size in bytes of the rasterFormat structure being passed to the plugin. If size is less than sizeof(struct pStioData) , the plugin was built with header files for a later version of the RIP.


This is a rasterFormat structure. The plugin should fill this in to describe the color raster format that would be used if the contents of pStioData were used. See The rasterFormat structure for details of how to fill in rasterFormat .

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