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Dialogs and resources

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

Resources may be required for two purposes:

  1. To describe dialogs for places in the RIP user interface where plugin‐specific dialogs are accessed.
  2. To store icons used to indicate error conditions in the Output Controller.

Resources are constructed using Visual Studio or dlgedit and then compiled and linked with the plugin as described in Compilation and linking . The Microsoft online documentation describes in detail how to construct a dialog or an icon.

Resources are identified by with numerical identifiers for the dialogs, their elements, and their icons. AppStudio and dlgedit automatically assign these identifiers to elements as you create them, and offer an editable default symbolic name for each of them. These names are written into a header file as #define constants along with the corresponding identifiers. The header file is shared between the resources and the plugin's C code. The header file supplies the identifiers to the RIP, which can then make calls as appropriate to retrieve and display dialog elements from the plugin.

Because the identifiers for dialogs and their elements depend on the platform in use a different structure must be defined for each platform that will transmit them to the RIP. This structure, DoobriPrivate , is defined in the header file psdevdlg.h .

Icons are identified by values of type IconId . These values, also dependent on the platform in use, are given in header file psdevico.h .

Because each piece of information may be derived from a collection of dialog elements, the structure identifies several. However, not all fields are used for all types of information. The platform‐independent part of this mechanism is described in Input and output plugin parameters and plugin dialogs .

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