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Farm RIP monitor output

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP

On macOS and Linux, when farm RIPs are launched by the controlling RIP, stdout , stderr and the stdin file descriptors are redirected to /dev/null. This means you do not see any output from the farm RIPs directly. Should you wish to see monitor output from all the farm RIPs you can set the global config option FarmRIPOpenConsoleWindow to true. This in effect means that the farm RIPs inherit the stdin / stdout and stderr file descriptors from the controlling RIP when they are forked/execed. Doing this results in you seeing all the interleaved monitor output from all RIPs which can sometimes be useful for debugging or trying to find issues.

On Windows, console applications work differently to UNIX-based systems and each farm RIP launched gets its own console to interact with. By default, these consoles do not have a window. This means you will not see monitor output from the farm RIPs on Windows by default. As a debug aid, you can use the global config options FarmRIPOpenConsoleWindow and FarmRIPOpenConsoleMinimized to see these console windows. The console Windows are named carefully so that you can set properties on these console Window names and position / size and color them nicely.

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