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This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

getJobNameOnly Function


    void getJobNameOnly(
      PlgFwStrRecord * ppfsrDest,
      PlgFwTextString fwtsSrc,
      PlgFwTextString fwtsSepname

Extracts the part of the given job name which refers to the job itself by removing the separation name suffix. The original job name is supplied to the function via the fwtsSrc parameter, and the extracted job name is written to the string record pointed to by ppfsrDest . The string record must be allocated with a PFI function (do not use standard API memory allocation functions), and opened before the function is called. It is expected that the input job name comes from the result of calling getPageHeaderJobNameEx .

The separation name for the page is supplied to the function via the parameter fwtsSepname , and can be obtained using PLGFWSTR_TEXTSTRING(pDevDef->d_page->colorName) .

Note: Separation names for cyan, magenta, yellow and black are their traditional letters: C, M, Y and K.

Note: Plugin must have bound PFI functions PlgFwStrIsWhiteSpace , PlgFwStrRecordGetBuffer , PlgFwStrGetTextCharacter , PlgFwStrPutTextCharacter , PlgFwStrEqual , PlgFwStrNEqual and PlgFwStrPutTextString for the job name to be returned successfully.

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