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Harlequin Core v13.2r2 Release Notes


Harlequin Release Notes are now published directly to our website.

Harlequin Core v13.2r2 is a minor release since v13.2r1. This release consolidates work of v13.2r0 and v13.2r1.

Where performance enhancements indicate % values or time improvements, they are sometimes specific to job types and configuration; they are not cumulative.

Alerts and guidance

This release is for Harlequin Core SDK only; HMR was not built or tested.

Harlequin Core v13.2r2 change details

Jira StorySupport call(s)Summary



RIP shouldn't fail when a user-generated filename is illegal.

Occasionally an entire job could have failed with undefined file name because illegal characters for a particular platform were not changed to safe replacements upon outputting from the RIP.


A color space with the name "Lab" causes the RIP to error.

A failure to RIP a job when there is a Lab color space in the PDF with the name "Lab". "Lab" is a legal resource name in the PDF specification.


Extend color probing to fix separation omission for one-pass rendering.

Fixed an issue where the Core is dropping the magenta separation when using Magenta1 w/Omit Empty Seps.


HQN contour feature (cutpath export for All object) is not working as expected.



Replace virtual device raster style with device raster style to allow single-channel compositing.

A performance enhancement where RIP farms are producing fewer colorants than CMYK in a CMYK configuration (for example, cyan only). The other RIP farms are producing magenta only and so on...

HQN-384731HQNSUP-3774Add more useful error messages when a very large PDF job fails
Update LDK application libraries to 8.4
Update LDK Runtime to 8.41
Provide an optional warning in monitor output and log file when using the Lab alternative provided in the PDF that contains CxF data.

RIP farm is reporting failure and doesn't exit cleanly.

Fix a rare error when resubmitting three jobs that previously ran without error.

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