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Harlequin Core v13.2r3 Release Notes


Harlequin Release Notes are now published directly to our website.

Harlequin Core v13.2r3 is a minor release since v13.2r2. This release consolidates the work of v13.2r0, 13.2r1, and 13.2r2.

Where performance enhancements indicate % values or time improvements, they are sometimes specific to job types and configuration; they are not cumulative.

Alerts and guidance

This release is for Harlequin Core SDK only; Harlequin MultiRIP (HMR) was not provided.

HQN-385112 - We have deprecated OptimizedPDFCompactMemory for 13.2r3, and will be removing it in 14.0.

Harlequin Core v13.2r3 change details

Jira Story

Support call(s)



Bad output (clipped objects) with non-PI eHVD.

Fixed a rare case of bad output with HVD that was introduced in Harlequin Core 13.0r0.

Incorrect output with iHVD compared to non-HVD for ESKO step and repeat customer file. 


Image store cache phase 2 - The Harlequin Core image store cache now has an increased lifetime from one page to the length of the job.


Mosaic Jobs can fail with an exception in customer production DFE GUI.

Ported a previously implemented fix


Calibration matching by screen name didn't work.

Now functions as documented: 

Fix crash when running customers performance test suite file

Integrate ZLib-ng into Harlequin Core for all platforms.

Improved performance of decompression.

Affects performance: This has a variable effect on performance, for example jobs that achieve a lot of re-use using HVD benefit less from this because images are often only decompressed once. Jobs with one large image at high resolution that were highly compressible benefit more, up to 200% of the decompression operation the RIP must perform.

HVD: Performance: limited implementation of - avoid unnecessary compositing for 100% pure black objects

Improve slow reading of very large xref Tables with a large number of sections

Minor performance improvement for files resaved by the MAKO library


Add Zlib-ng license & copyright to all relevant documents

updated the relevant areas of documentation

Fix slowdown due to image store caching memory build up

optimize when encountering rectfill with extra trailing moveto

Performance enhancement


Large Job Crashes or Hangs Scalable RIP

A file processed by MAKO PDF library prior to ripping in the Harlequin Core caused the RIP farm to hang. 


PS eq operator returns true comparing non-string with empty string

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