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Harlequin Core v13.2r4 Release Notes


Harlequin Release Notes are now published directly to our website.

Harlequin Core v13.2r4 is a minor release since v13.2r3. This release consolidates the work of v13.2r1, 2, and 3.

Where performance enhancements indicate % values or time improvements, they are sometimes specific to job types and configuration; they are not cumulative.

Alerts and guidance

This release is for Harlequin Core SDK and Harlequin MultiRIP (HMR).

Harlequin Core v13.2r4 change details

Jira Story

Support call(s)




Handling of Japanese characters from SOAR NX plugin.

Fix an issue with HMR 13.0r1 RIP and SOAR NX plugin. Users submitting jobs via their RIP Manager product, when names containing some Japanese characters then fail with ‘undefinedfilename’.


HVD: OptimizedPDFScanChunkSize1 may not work if the job has patterns.

Internal team noticed that OptimizedPDFScanChunkSize1 may not work in the 13.x release branch if the job has patterns.

An Epic for SDFE release (Jan 2023) it needed certain enablers from the HQN Core for Streamline Direct and Autotune variant



fix very slow HVD post-scan with Customer job.

fixing the long post-scan time and a very useful change in general, not just for post-scan time but also in terms of getting sensible reuse rather than lots of small rasters.


HVD Scan: Speed it up by retaining scan nodes from previous chunks.

A performance enhancement for iHVD in a RIP farm.


Image Caching: Keep images between chunks

With HVD we may be able to reuse the whole finished rasters, but there are a lot of cases where we can't. In these cases having images cached is usually the next best thing.



RIP shouldn't fail when a user-generated filename has illegal encoding - Windows

Many output filenames created by the RIP include user-supplied strings, such as colorant names. Such names may end up being illegal as filenames. It's a nuisance to press operators that the entire job fails, because of this, 

solution implemented; most often it would be better for the RIP to modify the filename to be legal and proceed



Tiff flate decode filter with difference predictor does not handle byte order properly.

When a TIFF uses adobeFlate compression, it has the further option to also have a difference predictor. This has to compare each pixel with its neighbour. If the image data is 16bit, there are two possible byte orders for each pixel, big or little endian, and the HQN Core difference predictor has to be aware of this.


Fix group elimination issue causing a transparent image to be missing from Customer job.

Cut down complex job to an image and a softmask containing another image.

Objects would unexpectedly composite against each other even if only one object is needed to be rendered. 


Performance regression between 13.2r1 and 13.2r3.

A change to the Core to fix a rare chance of bad output when using image caching stores caused an overzealous interpretation phase

also related to HQN-385019 - Investigate Label and Packaging jobs that keep erroring out


Improve imstore (image storage) reuse by recognizing equivalent color chains

Performance enhancement


HVD Scan: Take scan node hit counts from previous chunks into account

Performance enhancement. Increase performance of multipage label jobs by up to 33%

This results is in the reuse of the HVD scan hit counts (for example, 2, 4, 8 pages) from previous repeat sections (or strides) of a job are taken into account. 

Update copyright to 2023

HHR crashes on Packz customer file.

Fix a rare crash when number of imstore and colorants mismatches



Investigation into : Can we rip the Customer job XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.pdf faster (with no HVD)?

A job with the characteristics of a complex layered image and other objects step and repeated x16up on the same page will benefit from the change implemented under HQN-385250

Updates to supported platforms and compilers





Windows 10 workstation (excludes Windows Mobile and Mobile Enterprise, embedded, and IoT Core).

Windows 8.1 if latest Windows updates, including KB4561666, are applied.


Windows Server 2008 R2 (requires SP1, Standard Edition only, excludes Server Core configuration)

Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.X

Red Hat Enterprise Server 7.X

macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

macOS 10.14 (Mojave) (from HHR 12.1)

macOS 10.15 (Catalina) (from HHR 13)

Windows Server 2012 R2 (Standard Edition only; excludes Server Core configuration)

Windows 10 workstation (excludes Windows Mobile and Mobile Enterprise, embedded, and IoT Core)

Windows Server 2016 (Standard Edition only, excludes Server Core, Nano-server configurations)

Windows Server 2019 (excludes Server Core, Nano-server and Server 1809 configurations; from HHR v12.1)

Windows 11 (Pro, Enterprise) build 22H2 or later

Compile with MSVC 2019, v16.4 or later (from HHR v13).

Compile with GCC 8.3

Clang 10

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