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Harlequin Core v13.2r7 Release Notes

Harlequin Core v13.2r7 change details

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Fix: Streamline Optimised Customer Job Crashes Scalable RIP farm:

This existing issue was found to have been fixed by an earlier code change prior to 13.2r4 but it was deemed best to add to the release note for 13.2r7.



Fix: Scalable RIP and HqnImpose2 Causes 'Unexpected Output Pages'

A customer uses HqnImpose to add marks to the page. This appeared to be a regression from v13.0r0, though in that release the RIP throws an 'Unknown Error in Job' error.


Fix: Wrong logic in groupReplaceRasterStyle() causes bad output:

When the logic of groupReplaceRasterStyle() was changed under HQN-385448 to fix a crash, it caused a regression in output that has only just been noticed. Since that issue has long been delivered in earlier releases, we created a new bug issue to fix the regression.


Fix: Crash in groupPreconvert():

Rip a customer file and the Core will eventually crash dereferencing NULL.


Fix: Seamless screening fails with large screens on small pages:

Seamless screening can fail to when using a screen with large cells on small pages. To avoid a cumulative error we have changed the way the stutters are calculated.


Feature: HVD: Detect not touched hollow rectangles in strokes to improve HVD performance:

Development investigated the possibility of discovering a large untouched "hole" "in the middle of" a stroke. This is beneficial for some L&P jobs. We have examples of such jobs from several OEMs.

Harlequin Core v13.2r6 change details

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HQNSUP-126793Memory Usage Increase With /ScanConversion /RenderAccurate.


n/aHVD: Output and reuse: bug in hashing of external gstate and early finalizing of data resulting in loss of reuse.


HQNSUP-126814Softmask being ignored results in bad output.

Harlequin Core v13.2r5 change details

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HQN-385383SDFESUP-243VMError Regression with Customer Job and limited memory.
HQN-385402n/aCan no longer purge image stores during backdrop resource allocation.
HQN-385412n/aFix image decodes crash in low memory
HQN-385413n/aFinish off color chain UID work with simplifications etc

Updates to supported platforms and compilers

There are no changes since 13.2r4

Known issues

Installing on macOS; when running the installer install_OEMName_macosx app, warnings will appear if it is double clicked.

Instead, control-click on the app icon in the Finder and choose Open from the shortcut menu, then follow then installer instructions.

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