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This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP

HqnImportICC has a procedure called /InstallEmbeddedICCHandlers that allows ICC profiles in PostScript language files to be installed when color management is enabled, and the job settings are being used. That is, it honors the %%BeginICCProfile: and %%BeginSetColorSpace: comments which are commonly used in PostScript language jobs from Adobe products. They are the way to make direct use of ICC profiles as color spaces in PostScript language jobs (rendering intents are set with findcolorrendering which is usually put in the job). Note that such jobs usually use a CIEBasedDEF(G) color space with a plausible emulation of the profile, so the difference is usually small.

For more information see the ICC specification.

Depending on the setting of /OverrideColorManagement you can use either:

/HqnImportICC /ProcSet findresource /InstallEmbeddedICCHandlers get exec


/HqnImportICC /ProcSet findresource /RemoveEmbeddedICCHandlers get exec

As previously mentioned, the embedded ICC handlers are for PostScript language code that contains ICC profiles, and Adobe products will generally set a standard PostScript language color space to emulate the profile if those comments are ignored.

So, when HHR and you want to ensure that it behaves in the same way as HMR does when using:

/HqnImportICC /ProcSet findresource /InstallEmbeddedICCHandlers get exec

you should ensure the embedded handler is installed when you are not overriding the color management in the job, by using:

            OverrideColorManagement not {
            % Enable the handler for embedded ICC profiles
            /HqnImportICC /ProcSet findresource /InstallEmbeddedICCHandlers get exec
            } {
            /HqnImportICC /ProcSet findresource /RemoveEmbeddedICCHandlers get exec
            } ifelse

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