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Installing the Harlequin Core SDK on Windows


  • LDK users require an Internet connection.
  • Install Harlequin Core SDK from a user account with administrator access privileges.

    Once you install HHR, such privileges are not required for running it.

  • To install the Harlequin Core SDK with LDK security, you require a Product Key, which is a long string of letters and numbers (for example, aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeee), which GGS supplies.

    Ensure that the Product Key is easily to hand before running the installation.

Running the installation executable

  • Installs both the Harlequin Core SDK and the LDK security manager (for LDK-secured RIPs).
  • Activates the security system (for LDK-secured RIPs).

1. To install the Harlequin Core SDK, double-click the installation executable:

(a) A dialog may ask if you will allow this app to change settings on your computer.
(b) If you do not see the dialog, check the task bar for a flashing shield and click it.

2. Complete the InstallAnyWhere dialog boxes:

(a) Read the license agreement, scroll to the bottom, and click Accept.
(b) For LDK users, select the HHR and LDK together (default).
(c) Select the installation folder.

If necessary, the installer creates the folder.

If you select an existing folder, ensure that it is empty.

Make a note of this location, as you need to navigate to this folder later to run the RIP.

(d) If required, select where to Create Product Icons.
(e) Review configuration settings and click Install.

The LDK Activation window may state Add options to an existing license; in which case click More..., then New License, then License this computer, and then Have internet access:

      1. Click Activate.
      2. Click Yes when asked to use the Product Key to create a new software key.
      3. Click Quit when notified the activation is successful.

(f) Click Done to complete the installation.

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