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LoadSetup in the HqnControl procset

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

LoadSetup allows a named page setup to be loaded over the top of any already used during the start sequence for the current job.

(Setup1) /HqnControl /ProcSet findresource /LoadSetup get exec

An asterisk ( * ) character may be used as a wild card in the setup name, for example:

(11-*) /HqnControl /ProcSet findresource /LoadSetup get exec

If more than one setup matches the pattern string, then one of the matching setups will be selected at random.

In most cases any underlying (base) page setup will be fine, but there are areas where care should be taken. We recommend that the base page setup used for an input channel which is expected to be used for jobs which load page setups, for example from code contained in PostScript Printer Descriptions (PPDs). should avoid these areas. (In version 4.5, the page setup obtained by pressing the Load defaults button is perfect.)

Define a base page setup, taking care over the following points:

  • The base page setup must not be set to Emulate a Level 1 device (in the Options dialog box accessed by the Options button in the Edit Page Setup dialog).
  • The base page setup must not be set to auto-separate.
  • Any page features loaded in the base page setup will not be unloaded when the replacement page setup is applied. Depending on the page feature, and on any page feature which may be applied in the replacement setup this may cause problems. GGS recommends that no page feature is loaded in the base setup.

Note: The LoadSetup procedure unloads the “level 1 spot” code and imposition code based on HqnImpose2 before installing the new page setup. In addition, it will call plugin-specific unload code if present. Such code should be stored in a file named PluginLoadSetup within the plugin's Misc directory.

LoadSetup can be used with Simple Imposition. Please note the following limitations:

  • A PostScript language file using LoadSetup and calling a simple imposition page feature dropped into a hot folder will run to completion, but the file will not be moved or deleted after completion.
  • Using LoadSetup to call a page setup using Simple Imposition will not apply any of the following from the page setup loaded:
  • Page features
  • Toothpick or screening accelerator settings
  • A PostScript language level other than 3.

Note: That the rest of the file will be consumed within the LoadSetup call. LoadSetup can no longer be called in a “stopped” clause which means that you cannot read the results of the stopped operator in the next line of the Postscript language file.

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