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Object-based CMM custom color spaces

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP

The RIP has many object-based color management features in setinterceptcolorspace and setreproduction described in Object-based color management . These can be used to select the CMM custom color space for a given object-based transform. This is an example that has been configured to convert gray and RGB differently for three object types:

(customers-color-space) setalternatecmm

  /DeviceGray <<
    /Default [ /CMM (gray-office-vector) /DeviceGray /DeviceCMYK ]
    /Picture [ /CMM (gray-office-graphic) /DeviceGray /DeviceCMYK ]
    /Text [ /CMM (gray-office-text) /DeviceGray /DeviceCMYK ]
  /DeviceRGB <<
    /Default [ /CMM (rgb-office-vector) /DeviceRGB /DeviceCMYK ]
    /Picture [ /CMM (rgb-office-graphic) /DeviceRGB /DeviceCMYK ]
    /Text [ /CMM (rgb-office-text) /DeviceRGB /DeviceCMYK ]
>> setinterceptcolorspace

where the six CMM custom color spaces used here are defined in the customers-color-space alternate CMM. All these spaces convert the original colors to the CMYK values required by the printer.

This example might be appropriate for an office printer whose workflow is strictly gray and RGB colors. Other use cases would probably require an output profile or a CMYK intercept profile that is commonly used elsewhere in this chapter.

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