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Output plugin configuration files

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

Output plugin configuration files live under the SW directory in the RIP installation.

SW/Config/Page Setup  File

This file records the current settings of the page setup dialog.

You should delete this file if you have changed anything in your plugin that will affect this dialog. Particularly, anything that might change the values returned in the DeviceConfig and DeviceCapabilities structures.

The file also holds the current settings of any plugin‐specific parameters. You should delete the file if you have changed your plugin‐specific parameters in some way, for example, if you have deleted a parameter, changed the type of a parameter, or changed the acceptable values for a parameter. But you should not need to delete this file if all you have done is to add a new plugin‐specific parameter.

SW/Config/Devices/DevConfig/* Files

SW/Config/Page Setups/* Files

Files in these directories contain cached versions of the information held in SW/Config/Page Setup , above. They should be deleted under the same conditions.

SW/Config/Devices/DevSetup/* Files

Files in this directory describe the devices that have been created on multiple device plugins from the Device Manager dialog.

You should delete all of these files if you change the set of device types exported by your plugin.

SW/PageBuffers/* Files

Files in this directory contain raster data for pages stored in the RIP's throughput system.

You should delete these files if you have made any change to your plugin that might affect the format of a page raster, for example, if you have changed the number of bits per pixel. You should also delete these files if you have changed any plugin‐specific parameters, as for the SW/Config/Page Setup file, above.

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