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Relationship between asserts and the error handler

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP

As from Harlequin 13 the long error handler, as defined in the HqnErrorHandler procset and the “Error Handler Long” page feature (as documented in The Harlequin Extended Error Handler ), includes information regarding the call stack of PostScript code contexts, as identified using the stack checking procedures described in Stack checking with HqnAssert .

The “PS Context” section of the report shows one line per context, each one listing the codeblock , the basename and the reference of the last intermediate call to StackCheck0 or StackCheck3 in that context. If no intermediate calls have been encountered, then the reference will be the same as the basename .

Note: As from Harlequin 13, the “Error Handler Long” page feature turns on asserts.

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