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ResamplingFactor (page device)

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP












The value of the ResamplingFactor page device key must be a positive integer. The default and minimum value is 1 .

When the RIP is producing screened output ResamplingFactor must be exactly 1 . When the RIP is producing a contone raster, and ResamplingFactor is greater than 1 , the raster will be down-sampled (anti-aliased) during rendering. A ResamplingFactor of 2 will mean that each final pixel is the average of a 2 x 2 cell of original pixels, a value of 3 will mean that each final pixel is the average of a 3 x 3 cell of original pixels, and so on. This results in smoother and more visually pleasing edges especially when the output is at low resolution—this is often referred to as anti-aliasing.

Because the down-sampling reduces the final resolution it is normal to increase the pre-down-sampled pixel count by multiplying the value of Scaling in the page device by an equivalent amount, for example.

                /ResamplingFactor 2
                /Scaling [ currentpagedevice /Scaling get aload pop exch 2 mul exch 2 mul ]
            >> setpagedevice

Note: This example is taken from the TIFF plugin code, and the implicit assumption that ResamplingFactor is 1 before this code is called is therefore safe. Any code that may be called after a job has started, or even after other plugin code or page features, should account for the possibility that ResamplingFactor has already been set to a different value. ResamplingFactor is used by the TIFF plugin to implement the anti-alias control.

Large values will probably lead to vmerrors, and values greater than 4 are unlikely to produce significant quality improvement in most cases.

Note: The TrimPage page device key cannot be used with the ResamplingFactor page device key. Default: 1

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