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Sample files (Linux)

To help with your testing of the Harlequin RIP, we’ve supplied the following PDF files in the samples directory:

IceCreamLabel.pdf is a simple, one-page sample that has CMYK plus a Cut channel.

INSECURE-Mag-54.pdf is a multi-page magazine style sample.

GGS_100pp_1_3x3_Mixed.pdf is a 100-page variable data sample showing nine postcards imposed per sheet with different backgrounds selected, based on recipient data. This sample requires the external mode of Harlequin VariData for good optimization.

GGS_100pp_1_3x3_Uniform.pdf is similar to GGS_100pp_1_3x3_Mixed.pdf, but all backgrounds are the same. This sample runs well with Harlequin VariData in both internal and external modes.

CambridgeGold.pdf is a single-page folding carton sample that includes brand colors, special inks (white and silver) and technical separations (such as die lines). and are examples of the use of dynamic overlays, introduced in Harlequin12. The files in the Content sub-directory are used by these samples.

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