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This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

Device types may provide their own targets (test strips) when print calibration is requested. Calibration Targets describes the format of the file used to define a target. This section describes the locations of the targets and any referenced EPS files.

Note: Target files are also used by the Calibration Manager dialogs to determine the number of test patches and so on.

There are several possible locations of target files. The locations and the search order used are these:

    1 SW/Devices/plugin/Targets/colorspace/device-name
    2 SW/Devices/plugin/Targets/device-name
    3 SW/Devices/plugin/Targets/colorspace/Target
    4 SW/Devices/plugin/Targets/Target
    5 SW/Config/Targets/Devicecolorspace

There do not have to be targets in all of these locations and targets for different devices can be sup‐ plied by locations at a different order in the search. You need only provide targets in the plugin if the ones provided by the RIP (in location 5 above) are unsuitable.

For example, if one device (specdev ) supplied by a multi‐dev plugin (myplug ) requires a special target for CMYK but all other devices supplied by that plugin can use a common target for CMYK, you can supply the special target in:


and the common target for other devices in:


Even more generally, if a single file called Target is placed in the plugin's Targets directory, the target described by that file is used for all instances of all device types that the plugin implements, provided that there is no target defined higher in the search order.

Alternatively, if all devices use the same colorspace, you can provide a specific target for each device type. This is achieved by having one file per device type that the plugin implements. These files again reside in the Targets directory and are named according to the names of the device types (subject to file name mapping). The Print Calibration dialog uses the target that corresponds to the device type.

If no Targets directory exists in the plugin folder, targets are obtained from the default location SW/Config/Targets , picking the target appropriate to the colorspace of the output device. The ProcessColorModel key in the page device can also be used to determine the colorspace. For a mono‐ chrome device (including separations), the file DeviceGray in SW/Config/Targets is used; for a three‐ color device DeviceRGB is used, and for a four‐color device, DeviceCMYK is used. There are other tar‐ gets for alternative colorspaces.

In all versions of the RIP, target files can reference EPS files for inclusion in the printed targets, as described in Calibration Targets . The reference to the EPS file can be made by a name of the form:


Given this form of name, the RIP looks for a file called name in two places. First, it searches SW/Devices/Plugin /targeteps/ . If the RIP does not find the file in the plugin‐dependent location, it searches the location used before version 5.1, that is, SW/targeteps .

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