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The DeviceConfig structure

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

The plugin fills in the DeviceConfig structure to describe to the RIP the current configuration of the output device. It is defined in the header file gdevcpcf.h .

See Input and output plugin parameters and plugin dialogs for ways to obtain arbitrary device information from users.

        typedef struct deviceConfig { int32 devConfStructVer; int32 xres;
        int32 yres; int32 exposure;
        int32 lpiArray[32]; int32 currentLpi; int32 currentCassette;
    } DeviceConfig;

devConfStructVer (DeviceConfig)

devConfStructVer N

Type: int32

The plugin should ignore this field. It is obsolete.

xres, yres (DeviceConfig)

xres, yres Rw

Type: int32

The current x and y resolutions of the output device, in dots per inch. These should be among the permissible resolutions given in the DeviceCapabilities structure. See The HqnDeviceCapabilities structure .

exposure (DeviceConfig)

exposure Rw

Type: int32

The current exposure value, or neutral density filter setting if relevant to the device. In practice, the plugin can interpret this value arbitrarily.

This setting is used if the DeviceCapabilities structure's hasExposure field is nonā€zero. See hasExposure (HqnDeviceCapabilities) .

lpiArray (DeviceConfig)

lpiArray Rw

Type: int32 [32]

An array of screen frequencies, one to correspond with each possible vertical resolution, as defined in the DeviceCapabilities structure's vertResArray array. See vertResCount, vertResArray[32] (HqnDeviceCapabilities) for details.

The values are measured in lines per inch multiplied by 100,000.

The plugin provides this information so that when the user changes the resolution in the page setup dialog, a screen frequency appropriate to that resolution can be selected automatically. (If the user changes the screen frequency, the new value then replaces the value in this array of defaults.)

The entry selected from this array corresponds to that of the vertResArray element selected: the same index used to extract that resolution will be used to find the corresponding screening frequency.

If the index to vertResArray produces an element of negative value, this means that the element denotes the start of a range of possible output resolutions. In such a case, this index would still be used to index lpiArray .

currentLpi (DeviceConfig)

currentLpi N

Type: int32

The plugin should ignore this field. It is obsolete.

currentCassette (DeviceConfig)

currentCassette Rw

Type: int32

The index of the media cassette currently in use. This index starts at 1 .

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