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The HqnFontConverter procset

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP

TrueType (and OpenType fonts with TrueType tables, but not PostScript/CFF fonts) can be installed by a remote system in the same way as would be done for Type 1 fonts. Construct an array of file names to be installed and then call convertfonts from the HqnFontConverter procset. You may need to ensure that the source volume is mounted etc. first.

            ] /HqnFontConverter /ProcSet findresource begin convertfonts end

When attempting to install a font that is already installed, normally the existing font would be kept. The HqnOverwriteFontOnDisk switch may be used to install the new font instead. When the new font is installed, the RIP must be restarted so that the replaced font is not still cached.

This is an optional statusdict key, and so must be prepared as a page feature, or as part of the font installation program, (or something similar).

The following line switches HqnOverwriteFontOnDisk on for the duration of the job:

statusdict /HqnOverwriteFontOnDisc true put

Fonts can be deleted using the deletefonts procedure in HqnFontConverter:

    (SIS-CODE39) % e.g. a single font from a .ttf
    (MS-GothicFontSet) % e.g. font set from a .ttc
  ] /HqnFontConverter /ProcSet findresource begin deletefonts end

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