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The HqnHiFi procset and spot color support

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP


This procset is deprecated and may be soon removed from the RIP distribution.

The HqnHiFi procset may be called from the plugin PostScript code of plugins driving HiFi output devices. It provides procedures that support the ability of a separating application to reproduce a spot color by using contributions from more than one HiFi separation.

The HqnHiFi procset contains two procedures:


Defines sethificolor in userdict . This means that spot colors from PageMaker 6.0 and 6.5 that have Hexachrome equivalents will use those equivalents rather than the CMYK ones when printed on a printer supporting an appropriate color set.

Note: The RIP installation must be aware of the names Hexachrome Orange, Hexachrome Green, Hexachrome Yellow, Hexachrome Black, Hexachrome Magenta, and Hexachrome Cyan. (Typically, the output plugin for the HiFi device defines these colorant names in a relevant rasterFormat and installing the plugin declares the names to the RIP.)


Prevents the production of blank separations if called together with InstallHiFi . Without a call to OmitBlanks , if InstallHiFi is used with a device and colorant set combination that does not include the Hexachrome names (for example, a CMYK device) and if (Other colors in job) is set to Yes in the Print? column of the Edit Style dialog box then blank separations will be produced for the six Hexachrome inks. To ensure that these separations are not produced, call OmitBlanks .

For example, to call both procedures in the procset, this code is sufficient:

            /HqnHiFi /ProcSet findresource dup
            /OmitBlanks get exec
            /InstallHiFi get exec

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