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The PluginDialogDefinition structure

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

PluginDialogDefinition Structure

The plugin uses this structure to describe a dialog for modifying plugin parameters. The information in the description is mostly platform‐independent.

This structure is defined in the header file gdevdlg.h .

  typedef struct PluginDialogDefinition {
  int32 pdc;
  int32 dialogID;
  int32 nDoobris;
    struct devSelectDeviceParam * pdsdp; void * pv;
    } context;
  int32 objectID;
  DialogSpec dlgspec;
  int32 version;
  int32 size;
  } PluginDialogDefinition;


The RIP sets this to indicate which dialog requires a description.

Warning: The plugin should not write to this field.

It uses the following constants to identify the dialogs:


The Configure Device dialog accessed from the page setup dialog. For output plugins.


The Info dialog accessed from the Output Controller. For output plugins.


Not used at present. Reserved to identify a dialog giving properties of an input channel class rather than a specific channel.


The Configure Device dialog in the New and Edit boxes of the Input Manager dialog. For input plugins.


The plugin sets this to a value that the RIP can use to identify the dialog box in later calls.


The plugin sets this field to the number of Doobri structures (see The Doobri structure ) associated with this dialog box.


Note: Not relevant to input plugins or single‐device output plugins.

The RIP sets this to point to a devSelectDeviceParam structure that a multiple‐device output plugin can use to identify which of the supported devices this request refers to.

The RIP needs to provide this information because it cannot assume that the “current” device is the one for which the dialog is required. It is possible that one device will be in the middle of outputting a job, for example, when a dialog is requested from one of the others.


Warning: The plugin should not write to this field. Reserved.


Note: Not relevant to output plugins.

The RIP sets this to identify which of the plugin's channel classes the dialog refers to.

The objectId is that originally specified by the plugin when it returns the channelClassDescription structure in response to the D_GET_CHANNEL_CLASS_DESCRIPTIONS selector.


The plugin sets this to a platform‐specific dialog specification identifying the dialog description. On Windows, this is a resource identifier for the dialog.

Platform‐specific information is given in the appendices.


This is the version number for this structure. Its use is deprecated.


This provides the size of the structure. Its use is unnecessary and deprecated.

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