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(v13) Debugging HqnImpose2

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP.

Error handling within BeginPage , EndPage and SensePageDevice is not necessarily as complete as in the body of a PostScript language job. The imposition procset catches and reports most PostScript errors generated by objectives and other procedures. Using an appropriate error handler means that complete reports of such errors are produced (although they are do not always terminate the job).

If you have problems creating new objectives or tactics, then some additional flags are included that may help. All default to false:

  • Setting DebugReport to true lists requested page sizes, film sizes, gutters, aspects, and so on, whenever a new page size request is processed; it also lists the position and orientation of every page on the flat. You can add any additional debugging information into your own procedures and key it on the same flag.
  • Setting DebugFilm to true renders a complete flat with all page areas painted in gray and numbers placed on it before the real PostScript job to be processed is started.
  • Setting ProgressReport to true emits a report whenever a page or film is completed. This option might be considered for inclusion in a final shipping imposition feature.
  • Setting DebugPageOutline or DebugFilmOutline (both of which are available from Harlequin v12.1r0) draws outlines around each page or around the area defined by FilmLeft, FilmRight, FilmTop, and FilmBottom.
  • Setting ImposeDebug (which is also available from Harlequin v12.1r0) to true  issues messages at significant points in processing (such as the start and end of SensePageDevice, BeginPage, and EndPage).
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