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(v13) Discovering the raster manager output API in Scalable RIP

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP

The raster manager output API will either be present or not present for an entire RIP run, so the raster backend need only attempt to discover it once:

                      #include "apis.h" #include "rdrapi.h" #include "ripapiversn.h" #include "rmoutputapi.h"
                      static API_VERSIONED(sw_rmoutput_api,RMOUTPUT_API_VERSION)
                        *rm_output_api = NULL ;
                      static HqBool rm_output_api_tried = FALSE ;
                      /* In your raster backend start function: */
                      static int32 RIPCALL RASTER_start(void *pJobContext,
                                    uint8 *filename,
                                    RasterDescription *rd,
                                    RASTER_handle *phandle)
                          /* Find the Raster Manager output API, if it is registered. This API will only be registered in Farm RIPs, don't try more than once. */
                          if ( rm_output_api == NULL && !rm_output_api_tried ) { void *vpapi ;
                                        if (SwFindRDR(RDR_CLASS_API, RDR_API_RASTERMANAGER_OUTPUT, RMOUTPUT_API_VERSION, &vpapi,
                                        NULL) == SW_RDR_SUCCESS) {
                            rm_output_api = vpapi ;
                          rm_output_api_tried = TRUE ;

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