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(v13) Error reporting enumerations

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

The PFI defines a hierarchical set of error codes, represented below as a set of tabulated lists. All codes that represent an error condition descend from the root error code, plgFwErrorRoot , which represents an unspecified error type. There are three main subclasses of error message which descend from plgFwErrorRoot : parameter errors, denied operations and failed operations, each of which has its own descending hierarchy, representing progressively more specific errors.

By contrast, there is only one value representing a successful operation ‐ plgFwErrorSuccess .

For convenience in function descriptions, errors are referred to by the names of their ordinals below: “set the error plgFwErrorBug ” should be read as shorthand for “set the error state to reflect an error condition whose ordinal value is plgFwErrorBug ”.

Successful operation

Successful operation plgFwErrorSuccess;

Uncategorized error

Uncategorised error plgFwErrorRoot;

Parameter errors

    Parameter rejected plgFwErrorParameter;
          Pointer parameter rejected plgFwErrorPointer; Pointer parameter NULL plgFwErrorPointerNull;
      Numeric parameter rejected plgFwErrorNumeric;
          Numeric parameter out of range plgFwErrorNumericRange; Numeric parameter illegal value plgFwErrorNumericValue;
          String parameter rejected plgFwErrorString; String parameter empty plgFwErrorStringEmpty;
          String parameter too long plgFwErrorStringLength;
          String parameter illegal character plgFwErrorStringCharacter; String parameter syntax incorrect plgFwErrorStringSyntax; String parameter illegal value plgFwErrorStringValue;

Denied operations

Operation denied plgFwErrorOperationDenied; Does not exist plgFwErrorNonExistent; Already exists plgFwErrorAlreadyExists; Access denied plgFwErrorAccessDenied; In use plgFwErrorInUse;

Failed operations

      Operation failed plgFwErrorOperationFailed; Operation aborted plgFwErrorAbort; Limit reached plgFwErrorLimit;
              Hardware limit reached plgFwErrorHardwareLimit; Memory exhausted plgFwErrorNoMemory;
          File storage device full plgFwErrorDiskFull; Software limit plgFwErrorSoftwareLimit;
      Hardware error plgFwErrorHardware;
      Unimplemented operation plgFwErrorUnimplemented; Fatal internal error plgFwErrorFatal;
          Program logic error plgFwErrorBug;

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