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(v13) Multiple configuration support

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP

The clrip skin for Harlequin Core now supports different configurations for different jobs. The -c option can be repeated between job filenames to change the configuration used for each job:

Run a PDF job using a monochrome setup, and a PostScript job using a color setup at a higher resolution:

clrip -c Monochrome72dpi job1.pdf -c CMYKComposite300dpi

Page features are reset for each -c option specified, so different sets of features can be used for different jobs

Run the PDF job using a monochrome setup with the long error handler, and a PostScript job using a color setup at a higher resolution, and job metrics and spot color listing features:

clrip -c Monochrome72dpi -F "Error Handler Long" job1.pdf -c CMYKComposite300dpi -F JobMetrics -F List Spot Colors

Multiple configuration and feature support also applies to hotfolders. Multiple hotfolders can be specified with different configurations and features. This is perhaps the most useful case for multiple configurations

Wait for input jobs in both the mono and color hotfolders. Jobs copied into the color directory are run with the List Spot Colors feature. All output is collected into one location. The quit job to stop the RIP can be dropped into either hotfolder:

clrip -C -f "output/%05K-%p.%o" -c Monochrome72dpi -H mono -c CMYKComposite300dpi -F List Spot Colors -H color

Both hotfolders and direct command-line jobs can be used at the same time: RIP a PDF job to a color setup, and also wait for input jobs in the mono hotfolders:

clrip -C -f "output/%05K-%p.%o" -c Monochrome72dpi -H mono -c CMYKComposite300dpi job2.pdf

There is no prescribed order of RIPping jobs that appear on the command line relative to jobs discovered in hotfolders. Command-line jobs will be RIPped in the order they appear on the command line.

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