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(v13) NextDevice named colorants in alternate CMMs

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP

CMM custom color spaces may use /DeviceN spaces for either input or output, there is no restriction on the number of components for input or output. A /DeviceN input space can only be used as the InputColorSpace of a /NextDevice transform. One example of this use was given in (v13) NextDevice named colorants . Here is another example:

(customers-color-space) setalternatecmm


/OverprintPreview /SpotsOnly

>> setinterceptcolorspace


/Profile (iccprofiles/SWOP.icc) (r) file

/NextDevice <<

/InputColorSpace [


[ DeviceN [/Cyan /Magenta /Yellow /Black /Gold /Turquoise]

/DeviceCMYK {pop pop}


[ DeviceN [/Cyan /Magenta /Yellow /Black /Orange /Green /Silver]

/DeviceCMYK {pop pop pop}




>> setreproduction

which uses the (CMYKGldTq-CMYKOGSv) CMM custom color space to convert 6 input components to 7 output components. It must be used with an output device that supports the 7 output colorants.

It is worth repeating that Gold and Turquoise colors from the job are passed directly to the /NextDevice and bypass other color management. And the RIP will map components to the correct order and fill in missing components with zero values before calling the C function.

The configuration uses OverprintPreview because we wish to simulate spot color overprints in this workflow.

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