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(v13) Renaming of corelib

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP.

The inner core of the Harlequin Core comprises a shared library ( or DLL (dynamic link library) (corelib.dll) which contains the core RIP itself. To suit your preferences you are able to change the name of this component before you rebuild the test application.

On Linux, rename to (for example), and in the Makefile change the references to to before re-building.

On macOS, rename corelib.dylib to (for example) mylib.dylib, and in the Makefile change the references to corelib.dylib to mylib.dylib before re-building. On Windows, corelib.dll can be renamed using the following method:

1          Using a text editor, open the file corelib.def and change the first line from:

LIBRARY corelib (for example)


2          Rename corelib.def to (for example) mylib.def, and corelib.dll to (for example) mylib.dll.

3          Delete the file corelib.lib.

4          Run the following command at a DOS prompt with a configured build environment:

lib /def:mylib.def

As a result the file mylib.lib is created.

5          In the Makefile, change any references to corelib.lib to mylib.lib, and corelib.dll to mylib.dll. When the application is re-built, the new name is used. BootFile.bin and place it in the existing SW folder.

You must now rebuild the skinkit with the SW_ZIP symbol defined.

To define the SW_ZIP symbol, open the makefile and add -DSW_ZIP \ to the CCARGS section.

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