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(v13) Screen Names dictionary keys

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP.

InternalName in screen names


(required) The name by which the screen is known in the file and for the OverrideSpotFunctionName system parameter.

ExternalName in screen names


(required) The name for the dot shape which is to be presented to the user on the Dot Shape menu (subject to translation in localized versions, where appropriate).

Type in screen names


(required) One of the four strings Threshold, SpotFunction, HDS, and Modular.

If the Threshold or Modular type of screen is being used, the dialog settings for frequency, angle, HPS and other screen generation settings are ignored. Of course, if Override Dot Shape is not selected, the incoming job may implement other screening.

The SpotFunction setting takes advantage of the standard screening controls available in the RIP (frequency, angle, and so on).

For a screen (dot shape) to only be offered if the HDS password is valid, set /Type to HDS. This is a special type of threshold and the comments under Threshold above apply. Additionally, if this type is chosen, the screen set is protected and require the user enable HDS screening via a password (Configure RIP > Extras ) or Try Before You Buy permit.

Enabled in screen names


(required) true if the dot shape is to appear on the menu, and false if it is not to appear. This allows the contents to remain in the table for later re-enabling, while not being acted on at present.

DefaultValues in screen names


With this key each screen defines an array of colorants with default values for the Angle, Ink Type, and Print.

The /DefaultValues key looks like this:

              /DefaultValues [
                /ColorantName (Photo Cyan)
                /DefaultAngle 15.0
                /InkType (Normal)
                /Print 1
                /ColorantName (Photo Magenta)
                /DefaultAngle 30.0
                /InkType (Opaque)
                /Print 1

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