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(v13) SWMemoryTag

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP

Either SWMemoryTag or SWMemCfgTag (see below) need to be used in any call to SwStart .

SWMemoryTag is used when the RIP memory is obtained by the skin, usually as a single large block of memory. SWMemCfgTag is used to indicate that the RIP should dynamically allocate memory from the Operating System's virtual memory subsystem, managing it within the limits given by the parameters. SWMemCfgTag is much more efficient, so SWMemoryTag should only be used in installations where virtual memory is not available.

The SWMemoryTag element has a value that points to a structure of the following type:

                      typedef struct {
                        size_t sizeA; /* Size of the block of memory (arena) */ mps_arena_t arena; /* The memory arena */
                      } SWSTART_MEMORY;

The arena should be an MPS client arena, that is, of arena class mps_arena_class_cl(). The code has an example of this.

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