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(v13) The ChannelClassContext structure

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

This structure is passed to the plugin wherever the call is relevant to a channel class. It identifies which channel class the plugin is to operate on, and the data associated with the channel class.

      typedef struct channelClassContext { int32 version ;
      int32  channelClassID ; PluginState channelClassState ; void *channelClassSTIOData ;
    } ChannelClassContext ;

version (ChannelClassContext)

version N

Type: int32

The plugin should ignore this field. It is obsolete.

See (v13) Compatibility between plugin kit versions for more details about compatibility between different versions of the plugin interface.

channelClassID (ChannelClassContext)

Type: int32

The identifier of the channel class to which the structure refers, as returned from the

D_GET_CHANNEL_CLASS_DESCRIPTIONS call in the ChannelClassDescription structure.

channelClassState (ChannelClassContext)

Type: PluginState

A reference to the memory allocated in response to the channelClassSizeOfPrivate field of the

ChannelClassDescription structure. See PluginState in (v13) The PluginState structure .

channelClassSTIOData (ChannelClassContext)

Type: void*

The parameters of the channel class. The structure to which this points is defined by the plugin, so it is passed as a void* .

Note: At present there is no user dialog for setting these parameters. However, there is a configuration file for it in which the parameters can be set without recompiling the plugin. See (v13) Input and output plugin parameters and plugin dialogs for more details.

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