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(v13) The HqnPDFPages procset

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP.

Page content:

This procset is designed to access more data about specific pages in a PDF file from a PostScript language control file, procset and so on. It includes procedures to extract the bounding boxes from PDF files.

The HqnPDFPages procset contains the following procedures:


pageindex contextid -> getpagestack -> pagedictarray

pagedictarray is an array of dictionaries, starting with the Catalog, then leading down through Pages objects, ending with the Page object for the page identified by pageindex (zero-based).

The dictionaries always contains at least some objects still stored as PDF objects.


-> currentpagestack -> pagedictarray

This variant of getpagestack returns the array of dictionaries for the current page in the current PDF document.


pageindex contextid -> getboundingboxes -> bboxdict

bboxdict is a dictionary containing all bounding boxes (MediaBox , TrimBox,and so on), defined for the selected page. The value of each key in bboxdict is an array of four numbers: [llx lly ury ury ]. Any bounding box not defined for the current page is absent from bboxdict . pageindex is zero based.


-> currentboundingboxes bboxdict

A variant of getboundingboxes that returns the bounding boxes for the current page of the current PDF file.


contextid -> getpagecount -> pagecount

pagecount is the number of pages in the PDF file identified by contextid . pageindex


contextid -> getrotation -> rotation

The value returned is the value of the Rotate key (or 0 as default) for the selected page.


-> currentrotation -> rotation

A variant of getrotation that returns the rotation value for the current page of the current PDF file.

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