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(v13) The HqnSettings procset

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

The HqnSettings procset provides a mechanism for controlling ColorPro workflows in Harlequin MultiRIP.

Note : for Harlequin Core, profile file locations should be identified directly in calls to setinterceptcolorspace , setreproduction , etc.

The collection of data used to configure ColorPro is known as a ColorSet . The names of the keys in the ColorSet dictionary are intended to be mnemonic and to match the options in the ColorPro dialogs in the Harlequin RIP GUI.

The PostScript language file is only installed to the current device or press, that is you are not able to run the PostScript language file to install a ColorSet using (for example), the TIFF device, and then install it to a setup using (for example), the Epson 9000 device.

The example ColorSet below shows the default values for a No Color Management Setting:

              /Type (No Color Management)
              /MaxBlack 1.0
              /MaxInk 3.0
              /OverprintGray false
              /OverprintGrayImages true
              /SetupName (\(No Color Management\))
              /SetPageToSourceWhite false
              /ColorAdjustments (Faster)
              /EmulationColorantFamily (\(None\))
              /Emulating (\(None\))
              /InterpretCMYKImage (\(None\))
              /InterpretCMYKOther (\(None\))
              /InterpretRGB (\(None\))
              /InterpretGray (\(None\))
              /ColorManageGrayAsCMYK true
              /Lighting (Graphic Arts D50)
              /Profile (\(None\))
              /Picture (\(None\))
              /RGBImages (\(None\))
              /Logo (\(None\))
              /Vignette (\(None\))
              /NamedColor (\(None\))
              /Other (\(None\))
              /CMYKImagesFlag false
              /RGBImagesFlag false
              /ProoferStyle (\(None\))
              /PreserveBlack true
              /OverrideColorManagement true
              /IgnoreOverprintMode false
              /OverprintBlack false
              /OverprintProcess true
              /OverprintWhite false
              /LateColorManagemenT false
              /DetectSepsByAngle false
              /AngleCyan 15.0
              /AngleMagenta 75.0
              /AngleYellow 0.0
              /AngleBlack 45.0
              /BlackGenType (None)
              /IgnoreSetBlackGeneration false
              /ConvertRGBBlack false
              /SetProoferPageToPressWhite false
              /BlackPointCompensation false
              /PantonePLUs true

Note: The RGBImagesFlag and CMYKImagesFlag have no effect when used by HqnSettings , they are only used by the GUI module which populates the Picture and RGBImages fields by appropriately setting them the same as the Other value when the flags are off.

The following procedures are provided in the procset.

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