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(v13) The input queue and inputs API

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP.

Again, this is of most interest to those of you performing complex integrations. The Harlequin Core SDK includes an input queue API. The API is used for both jobs submitted from the command line and for jobs submitted from hotfolders. The API supports job addition and deletion, pausing and resuming, iteration of configuration names, and notifications of queue changes through events. The input queue implementation just saves the filename, setup name, and override data on the queue. The input queue API supports submitting jobs at the start of the queue, end of the queue, or even in arbitrary positions.

The SDK has a function, SwLeProcessInputQueue(), which takes the first item from the input queue and process it through the RIP as a job. This function supports relative filenames, absolute filenames (automounting a filesystem device for the job if necessary), and PostScript device-qualified names. It supports relative configuration names (found on the %configps% device), absolute configuration filenames (automounting filesystem devices as necessary), and PostScript device-qualified names. The override buffer is used by the clrip skin to implement page features. This function is aware of persistent input sources (such as hotfolders), and waits for input to arrive on the queue if there are persistent input sources available.

The input queue processing also supports configuration-only jobs, which have no filename, but do have an override buffer. Configuration-only jobs do not create core job timelines, and are useful for running small snippets of PostScript to change the permanent configuration of the RIP.

Using the input queue API and the SwLeProcessInputQueue() function to process jobs through the RIP greatly simplifies adding new input sources and methods to the RIP, and ensures correct preparation of the job and configuration data, especially for server mode operation. Global Graphics recommends that you use the input queue API and the SDK support functions to handle input and processing of jobs through the RIP.

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