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(v13) Useful HqnImpose2 variables

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP.

While writing your own procedures you may wish to access variables describing the current state.

The variables which may be set in a call to HqnInitImpose (as described previously, such as FilmWidth and FilmHeight), are all available from within objectives, tactics, underlay, and overlay procedures. In addition you may wish to read the following:

Please do not alter any of these variables within your code, as the effect is undefined and may cause PostScript errors.


The current page within the signature, starting at 0 while interpreting the first page


The number of pages that have been completely interpreted since the last call to HqnInitImpose. Note that the current page is not included; therefore it is 0 on the first page, 1 on the second, and so on.

RequestPageWidth , RequestPageHeight

The page height and width last asked for in a PageSize array passed to setpagedevice


The number of films (that is, flats or sheets) that have been completed since the last call to HqnInitImpose.

Note that the current film has not been included; therefore it is 0 on the first film, 1 on the second, and so on.

Most variables and all procedures are defined in HqnImpose2Dict in userdict. Those variables that must be saved in global memory are stored in HqnImpose2GlobalDict in globaldict. When prefixes, objectives, and so on are called, both dictionaries are open, with HqnImpose2Dict being on the top of the dictionary stack.

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