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Adding Certificate Security in Mako

From Mako 6.4.0, digital certificates can be used to encrypt documents and verify a digital signature. They can assure the recipient that the document came from you, ensuring that only the intended recipient can view the contents. A certificate store the public key component of a digital ID.

When a PDF is secured using a certificate, you specify the recipients and define the file access level for each recipient or group.

Below is sample code to show how to set the encryption for two users (Generator and Recipient) when creating an encrypted PDF. 

Digital Encryption

            // Get the assembly from the input.
            IDocumentAssemblyPtr assembly = input->open("Example.pdf");

            // Streams for the two input certificates
            IRAInputStreamPtr cert1;
            cert1 = IInputStream::createFromFile(jawsMako, "Generator.cer");
            IRAInputStreamPtr cert2;
            cert2 = IInputStream::createFromFile(jawsMako, "Recipient.cer");

            // And the private pkcs12 data for both
            IRAInputStreamPtr pkcs12_1;
            pkcs12_1 = IInputStream::createFromFile(jawsMako, "Generator.p12");
            IRAInputStreamPtr pkcs12_2;
            pkcs12_2 = IInputStream::createFromFile(jawsMako, "Recipient.p12");

            uint32 permissions = 1 << 0;

            // Build the recipients list
            CEDLVector<IPDFOutput::CPDFRecipientsInfo> recipientsInfo;

            // Create a single recipients array sharing the same permissions.
            recipientsInfo[0].permissions = permissions;

            IPDFOutputPtr pdfOutput = obj2IPDFOutput(output);
            if (pdfOutput)
                pdfOutput->setPublicKeyEncryption(128, recipientsInfo, false);

            // Write to the output as a batch
            output->writeAssembly (assembly, "Encrypted.pdf");

The code refers to certificates that you can download from here:

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