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Mako 5.2.1 Release Notes

Support issues fixed


(Mako Support Request #10462) Text moves/disappears


(Mako Support Request #10463) Letters shifting


(Mako Support Request #10464) Sentence moves


(Mako Support Request #10468) Parts of sentences disappear


Spacing regression with Asura issue.pdf

This and all the above issues were fixed by refactoring of charpath kerning code.


(Mako Support Request #10466) IJawsRenderer text issue

This issue was caused by a mismatch of color spaces that occurred when painting glyphs against a background. Now fixed.


(Mako Support Request #10469) Star images disappear from photos

This issue was triggered by the caching of aType3 glyph, which in this case was assigned to multiple CID (character ID) codepoints. Now fixed.


(Mako Support Request #10470) SIGSEGV error

Ported a fix from Mako Jaws RIP to Mako to solve a JPEG codec issue.


(Mako Support Call #10473) Potential memory leak spotted in 4.8.x

Detailed profiling of repeated runs (100x) of the same job indicated various codepoints that were contributing to the memory leak observed by the customer. These were fixed and the job now runs with a minimal increase in memory usage that stabilises after ~10 runs.


(Mako Support Request #10446) Box normalization

When writing a page to PDF, Mako would reset the MediaBox origin (lower left point) to 0,0 unless the page was unmodified and incremental output was requested. This behavior interfered with the customer’s workflow. With this change, the original values are preserved.


(Mako Support Request #10479) Suppressing Mako to write to console output

Mako occasionally writes to the console with information or confirmation messages, but these can interfere with a process not expecting them. This change largely removes these from the Mako source, or in cases where messages were considered valuable for core development, output is suppressed in release builds.


(Mako Support Request #10318) Slow rendering + RIP/VM error

This change introduces to Mako 5.x a performance improvement first implemented in Mako 4.8.5. It offers finer-grained control over the caching of PDF forms (XObject).

For further details please see the Mako 4.8.5 release notes.

New or improved features


Bad code in input font hashing means that on some platforms PDF input cannot detect that two fonts are the same

This was a minor issue that while not affecting output could prevent the early detection of duplicate fonts. The fix applied improves processing efficiency in scenarios where there a lot of fonts involved, such as when imposing from disparate PDF sources.


Regression in Mako 4.8.8 for an imposition case

The fix for this character spacing issue, which was found during testing of a Mako 4.x release, has been applied to the 5.x branch.


Investigate flattening performance of job [Mako Evaluation]

An example, artwork for a retail display stand (1.8m x 1.5m or 74" x 58") with very large images, gradients and blends, was taking a long time to process with Mako. The improvements made reduced the processing time by a factor of 10.


Print ticket generation from PostScript input

Parsing of PJL results in print tickets stored in the Mako DOM that can be interrogated to discover information about print settings such as duplex printing or number of copies. This work extends that capability to setpagedevice parameters that appear in the body of the PostScript.


Mako Version 5.2.1 is built for the following platforms:

  • Linux (for Debian-based distributions, eg Ubuntu, Mint)
  • Linux (for Debian Stretch)
  • Linux (for MUSL distributions, eg Alpine Linux)
  • macOS
  • Windows (static and non-static libs, VS 2019 (V142) x64 only)
  • Windows (static and non-static, VS2015 (V140), x86 and x64)
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