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Mako 6.0.1 Release Notes

Support issues


MAKOSUP-10590 Mako PDFInput.create().open(filename) never returns

This customer file posed a couple of problems for Mako that this fix addresses. Firstly, a stream in the XRef (PDF cross reference table) was not being completely read, and XRef ‘repair’ code subsequently triggered caused a hang examining entries that pointed nowhere (these had been left behind by a previous incremental save).

The stream read fix solved the problem for the exhibit. The repair code was also amended to prevent a hang in similar circumstances.

 Bug fixes


A Font Merge Crashes with an Internal RIP Error

Built in the Mako’s PDF output is a capability to merge fonts and font subsets. It is designed to reduce output complexity and file size and can make the difference between success or failure when the file is subsequently RIPped.

The stress test for this feature involves merging every instance of the same font from thousands of PDFs from our test suite. It is entirely possible for two different copies of Arial, say, to have different glyph definition at the same code point. The font merging code must not be fooled by this or other conflicting information contained in the font(s).

This minor change was to solve a particular issue encountered in the stress test. To be clear, it was not found in a customer file, but it was felt this issue could be encountered in the real world so is included in this release.


MAKO Version 6.0.1 is released for the following platforms:

  • Linux (for Debian-based distributions, eg Ubuntu, Mint)
  • Linux (for Debian Stretch)
  • Linux (for MUSL distributions, eg Alpine Linux)
  • macOS
  • Windows (static and dynamic libs, VS 2019 (V142), x86 and x64)
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