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Mako 6.6.4 Release Notes


This release of Mako Core addresses a problem discovered while testing Mako 6.6.3 and reported in the online release notes. Since then, it was found the issue had a wider effect on rendering than at first thought, so the change was reverted for all but the PostScript input path, the original use case.

Additionally, a fix for a specific support issue is included in this release, labelled MAKOSUP-XXXXX. The link is live and can be followed to the Mako support portal, but will only work for the customer who reported it.


This release also includes Windows, macOS and Linux builds of Mako that integrate the ColorLogic CMM in place of the usual LittleCMS. These builds are found in the ColorLogic folder.

A SWIG build is also provided for C#, Java and Python (Windows only).

NuGet packages are available for C++ and C#.

The ColorLogic CMM is delivered as a DLL (Dynamic Link Library for Windows) or SO (Shared Object) for macOS and Linux. Mako expects this runtime to be present alongside your Mako-based executable.

Issues addressed


MAKOSUP-11148 PCL to PDF conversion with Mako Core output wrong

This issue was solved by implementing a mechanism to support PCL 5 permanent fonts.


Regressions running PS to XPS

This is the issue mentioned in the introduction. Now fixed.


MAKO Version 6.6.4 is built for the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Linux (for Debian-based distributions, eg Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Mint)
  • Linux (Centos)
  • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise v7.0)
  • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise v8.4)
  • Linux (for Debian Buster) (arm32v7 for Raspberry Pi)
  • Linux (for Debian Bullseye) (arm64v8 for Raspberry Pi)
  • Linux (for Debian Bullseye)
  • Linux (for MUSL distributions, eg Alpine Linux)
  • Windows (static and dynamic libs, VS 2019 (V142), x86 and x64)
  • Windows (static and dynamic libs, VS 2017 (V141), x64)
  • Windows UWP/WinRT

Note that the Android build has been dropped from this release pending a tooling change. Please contact Mako support if you need a Mako release for Android later than Mako 6.1.0.

Mako supports the following programming languages.

  • C++ (Mako is written in C++)
  • C# (.Net Core and .Net Framework)
  • Java (built with OpenJDK15)
  • Python (v3.8)

The alternatives to C++ are built using SWIG ( which provides a translation to the native libraries, are found in these distribution folders:

  • Linux_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • Linux_Centos7_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • Linux_Centos8_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • Linux_Ubuntu_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • macOS_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • macOS_SWIG_(C#-Java11-Python)
  • Windows_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • Windows_SWIG_(C#-Java11-Python)

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