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Mako Converter

Mako Converter

Converts PDL files from one format to another, including converting files of the same PDL to change their characteristics.

Mako Converter v1.0.0.X

  makoconverter.exe <input.ext> <output.ext> [InputPassword=xxx] [Key=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX] [?] [<parameter>=<setting>] ...
  input.ext          The name of the input file (pdf/xps/pxl/pcl/ps/eps).
  InputPassword=     Password required to open the input (PDF) file.
  Key=               Product key for PdfLib (if absent, PS input is watermarked during conversion).
  ?                  Display this help.
  parameter=setting  parameters to be applied to output, eg pdfversion=1.4
                     See for details of output parameters.

How it works

Based on the simpler makoconverter sample that is included in the SDK, this version adds support for PostScript input, using Jaws PDF Library (PDFLib) to convert PostScript (.ps) and Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) files to PDF before processing them further. Like its cousin, Mako Converter works by opening a IDocumentAssembly with an IInput to match the input file type, then immediately writing the assembly with an IOutput of the requested type. There is an opportunity to modify the output by setting one or more output parameters.

XPS output

Converting what may be CMYK content in a PDF to XPS can result in inverted images. To overcome this, Mako Converter sets the output color space for XPS to RGB, using this code:

IOutputPtr output = IOutput::create(mako, eFileFormat);

// Make XPS output RGB
IXPSOutputPtr xpsOutput = obj2IXPSOutput(output);
if (xpsOutput)

This snippet also demonstrates the use of a Mako casting macro, obj2IXPSOutput(). It is used here to check if the output is XPS; the result of the cast will be NULL if it fails. They are useful, as in this case, when you need to access a method or property that is available from an instance of the class but not the parent.

There is a list of casting macros at É but as they all begin obj2... or edlobj2... then you can use your IDE to help you find the right one.

Useful sample code

  • Conversion
  • Setting output parameters with strings and in code
  • Example of casting an Mako object

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