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These videos help explain how Mako works, and can help developers understand some of the basics.

Mako's 'Sharpening the Saw' Webinar

This webinar aims to show how Mako can be used. With an empty project, we create a desktop and web renderer, as well as metadata extractor and VDP tool.

Splitting PDFs with Mako

This short video shows how Mako, the digital document SDK from Global Graphics, solves the problem of dividing a PDF into smaller files.

Mako creation example with code walkthrough

Simple example of using the Mako SDK to create a PDF and rendered TIFF of the output.

Printing from Windows 10 IoT Core (Raspberry Pi 3)

Global Graphics' Mako SDK v4.1.0 adds support for Windows IoT Core. Mako is an SDK for digital document conversion and manipulation, and this example (including a code walkthrough) shows a Mako-based app running on a Raspberry Pi 3, generating and printing a report to a PCL printer. The SDK also supports Linux.

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