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Connecting to Smart Print Controller (Smart Calibrator)


Smart Calibrator communicates with Smart Print Controller (SPC) to retrieve and update Smart Media Definition (SMD) files and to print targets. 

To enable this communication, an instance of SPC should be running, with OPC enabled.


When Smart Calibrator loads, it attempts to find a running instance of SPC. It does so by using a default URL. If a SPC instance is running with OPC turned on at that URL, it seamlessly connects; otherwise it asks the end user for the correct URL.

Smart Print Controller must be set to enable external control.
For details how to do this, see the Smart Print Controller Queues Pane#EnableExternalControl

Once connected, the SMD files from SPC are listed in Smart Calibrator.

If the connection to SPC is interrupted during the Smart Calibrator process, the Smart Calibrator application attempts to reconnect. If this attempt isn't successful, the connection dialog shows again until canceled.

If Smart Calibrator and Smart Print Controller are on different PCs, the Smart Print Controller Waiting Folder must be network share.
Also, the Waiting Queue Folder setting in SPC (Engineer Pane → Folders → Waiting Queue Folder) should be set to a UNC path (e.g. \\MyPcName\Waiting)

Printing Targets

You must be connected to SPC and have external control on.

When printing targets you can cancel them using the 'X'.

During the print run you will see how many pages have been printed and out of how many. 

Finally you will get a message to tell you if it has been successful or not. 

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