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Printer Setup


This dropdown allows selection of the required Smart Printer Configuration (.spc) file.
This file contains the hardware characteristics of the printer and the Smart Media Definitions that are available.

The buttons to the right offer:

  • Import
    Use this to configure SJCE for the target printer using the specified Smart Printer Configuration.
  • Export 
    Use this to export a new Smart Printer Configuration file.
    All costs entered into SJCE are stored in the Smart Printer Configuration, which makes sharing printer configurations along with associated costs very easy.
  • Delete
    Use this to remove the currently selected Smart Printer Configuration from the dropdown list.
    This action does not remove the original .spc file from the disk.

The remaining data shown on the page is for information only, and provides some data about the Smart Printer Configuration selected.

Click the Color Management button to reveal additional data relating to the color settings; these are informational only and cannot be changed.

Define Costs

This button opens a window that allows for the setting of the ink or toner cost.


The cost is defined by setting the Cost Per Liter.

The drop volume (in pico-liters) for each drop size is set in the Smart Device Configurator, under Print Bar Groups → Configure Drop Volumes.


The cost is defined by setting the Cartridge Cost and Cartridge Weight.

The toner usage is defined in the Smart Device Configurator, under Print Bar Groups → Configure Toner Weight


The dialog also allows setting servicing costs and a service interval.


A dropdown is provided to select the currency symbol that is shown in the application.

The currency symbol is used for display purposes only; changing this symbol does not perform currency conversions.

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