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Troubleshooting (Meteor Inkjet)

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Missing Meteor Files

The RIP Server will try to locate the required Meteor files form the Meteor SDK installation, sometimes this may fail.

In this situation follow the steps below to put the required files into the RIP Server folder

Since files are copied into the RIP Server folder, these steps may need to be repeated whenever the RIP Server is updated.

Copy the required Meteor files into Harlequin Direct.

  1. Copy Meteor files from your Meteor installation into the RIP Server folder (by default, this is C:\SPCHD).
    • Two Meteor DLLs are needed; these files are typically here:
      • C:\Program Files\Meteor Inkjet\Meteor\Api\amd64\PrintEngine.dll
      • C:\Program Files\Meteor Inkjet\Meteor\Api\amd64\PrinterInterface.dll
  2. Copy the Config folder from here:
    • C:\Program Files\Meteor Inkjet\Meteor

After this, you should see the two DLLs and the Config folder in the RIP Server folder.

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