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Troubleshooting (Smart Calibrator)

Log files

The log created by the Smart Calibrator application can be found at the following location:

c:\ProgramData\Smart Calibrator\CalibratorLog.txt

Please provide this file to Global Graphics when requesting support. 

Intermediate files

When troubleshooting issues, there are a number of files that may be useful.

Target PDF files

The PDF file containing the targets to be printed by Smart Print Controller (SPC) can be found in the following location:

c:\ProgramData\Smart Calibrator\Output\<press name>\<time-stamp>\Targets\

This PDF file contains all the targets necessary for the Smart Calibrator process.

This PDF file should be used for reference and support only and not printed manually through SPC.

Smart Calibrator configuration files

Internally, Smart Calibrator converts Smart Media Definition (SMD) files into printer configuration files. The printer configuration file controls the behaviour of Smart Calibrator.

For reference and support purposes, the configuration file can be found in the following location:

 c:\ProgramData\Smart Calibrator\Output\<press name>\<time-stamp>\

Bypassing OPC

If the connection is no longer available at the end of the process and cannot be restored, the newly created SMD file can be found in the following folder.

c:\ProgramData\Smart Calibrator\Output\<press name>\<time-stamp>\calibrations

The updated-media.smd contains the calibration required to bring the press back to the reference state. If this file or folder does not exist, the Smart Calibrator process was not completed.

If the file exists, you can manually import the SMD file into SPC. See the SPC documentation for more details.

Scanning errors

When scanning the printed target images, sometimes a scan error occurs.

Most errors can be solved by checking the position of the target on the scanner bed and repositioning.

Refer to the triangle marker on the target and ensure that it is aligned correctly with the scanner's origin marker.

Requesting support

If troubleshooting steps do not resolve an issue, please contact your support representivate.

The following information will be needed in order to reproduce your issue:

  • Operating system name and version.
  • Smart Calibrator log file.
  • Smart Calibrator version number.
  • Smart Print Controller (SPC) version number.
  • The Smart Media Definition (SMD) file used.

Finding the Smart Media Definition file

The SMD file used by calibrator can be found in SPC's media folder.

 c:\ProgramData\Smart Print Controller\Media\

The name of the SMD file may not be the same as the name shown in the SPC or Smart Calibrator UI. If in doubt about which SMD was used to recreate the issue, zip and send all of your SMD files.  
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